Technical Data Sheet

Find here all the details of the Ciudad Empresarial Sarmiento Angulo


Area center geo-reference N 4º38.741′ o 74º 5.961′
Useful field area (m²) 85.897
Perimeter Area to renew (m²) 18.500
Total area to intervene (m²) 105.300
Area for occupying with buildings (m²) 33.684
Free internal area (m²) 52.213
Free total area (m²) 70.713




Urban and commercial walk
Length (m)  560
Width (m) 20 – 24
Interior squares
Número  3
Área individual (m²) 4.400




Number of buildings 18
Height (floors) 10-16
Isolation between buildings Un medio de altura
Construction total area (m²) 591.000
Private offices area (m²) 270.250
Private trade area (m²) 20.750
Salable area (m²) 291.000
Parking area (m²) 241.850
Amount of parking places 7.700
Relation parkings (salable for quota m²) 37


Estimated users


Employee by offices 30.310
Daily visitors 13.000


Project manager


Construcciones Planificadas S.A.

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